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White & Black Dog Rules Plaque

White & Black Dog Rules Plaque

  • 2495

Even man's best friend has rules to follow. Make them known with White & Black Dog Rules Plaque. With beveled edges, this MDF plaque features a long and adorable list of dog rules in ascending order. Hang it on your wall and hug your cute little puppies tight!  



  • Length: 18"
  • Width: 8"


Hanging Hardware: 1 - Horizontal Keyhole Mount


Full Text:  Dog Rules - Bark Softly; Love Often; Do My Best; Guard the House; Be Patient; Do Tricks When Asked; Show Affection; Fetch the Stick; No Drinking from the Toilet; Always Faithful; Ask To Go Outside; Lick Often; Don't Roll in the Mud; Chase My Tail; Know That I Am Loved

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